​GTradePay Escrow

​The simplest, fastest and lowest-cost trade-safety trading service.

GTradePay is the world’s first Korean-Chinese trade escrow service provider. It provides secure trading services to traders around the world.
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The transaction process

Connect the world in a simple and fast way, at the lowest prices.

  1. 1

    Buyer and Seller
    agree to terms

  2. 2

    Buyer submits
    Payment to Escrow

  3. 3

    Seller delivers
    Goods or Service to buyer

  4. 4

    Buyer approves
    Goods or services

  5. 5

    GTradePay ESCROW
    releases payment to seller

GTradePay Escrow holds the payment

Global Business Partners

GTradePay works with reliable global financial and payment services providers.

  • 돈버는쇼핑 도매꾹 로고
  • ecplaza Global 로고
  • eB2B 로고
  • ecpia.com 로고
  • eggdome.net 로고
  • k*goods Global 로고
  • GOME 로고

Global Financial Partners

GTradePay is a trade settlement platform recommended by the leading global market place company.

  • Easy BonusCard Logo
  • GOME Logo
  • 우리은행 로고
  • 웰컴페이먼츠 로고
  • 웰컴금융그룹 로고

Enjoy our secure and reliable trade transaction services, the safest in the world!

Around the globe, including China, the company provides secure trade escrow services to both exporters and importers.